How RGB is related to HSV, and how to implement hue shifting on the iPhone

Last weekend, I wrote some code that shifted hues in existing colors. To do that, I needed to improve my understanding of hue, saturation, and lightness. So, I thought I’d share my rainbow voyage with you here.
I started by poking around in Photoshop. If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you may recognize this dialog: read more

Developer ups and downs

A friend of mine had questions about how feasible it is to start programming as a career and what it’s like. This excerpt addresses some of that. read more

Fire sprinkler!

I’ve been playing the port of Baldur’s Gate on the iPad of late. It’s great if you’ve already played through it on the PC. I just assumed it would be for everyone, but a friend of mine pointed out a jillion things about it that are completely unexplained, both in the realms of UI and the Dungeons and Dragons mechanics. Spell descriptions are especially mystifying if you read them from the perspective of someone that has not played D&D. read more

We shall defend our islands, whatever the cost may be.

I finally saw Iron Maiden tonight. They tour only every other year, and they play the humongous venues that foment irritation. So, I’ve never been. read more

Gathered on foot, just for you.

For a previous blog, I had a script that collected all of the links I bookmarked on that day and put them in a post. As time went on and I wrote less and less, those link roboposts became about 90% of the content. read more

A static WordPress

If you have been within earshot of any technology blogs in the last few years, you’ve probably heard about static web sites being a good way to power a blog. read more

A new kind of work

I completed my first week as a full-time independent developer. Things I learned: read more

Maybe you’re not that special.

Edward Sung dove deep into the well of consciousness, inspired by the age old question, “Do teleporters kill and recreate you, and if so, is that really you?” read more

The dearth of electronics manufacturing in the US: More than met my eye

This article provoked quite a few thoughts, but I don’t think it’s worth the time to write an essay. I don’t really have any solutions to these problems, so an essay-style piece would just be pretty wrapping for fragments anyway. read more

I guess it’s a pretty small upside, really.

On Todd Glass coming out on WTF (a good episode, BTW): read more