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Today’s nonsense

I figure that, without context, this works as some kind of William S. Burroughs thing. read more

Steve Jobs

At first, I thought, well, Steve Jobs lead a super fantastic life, and I’m usually not in the business of mourning people I didn’t know that have lead fantastic lives. No need to be sad for him. (Which is true, if you, like me, didn’t realize he was 56.) read more

The greatest Lovecraft tale that never was

Katt: I have never read any Lovecraft.

Me: He’s a pretty bad writer, but some of his stories are great. read more

ALAssetsLibrary and threads

I’m working on an iOS app right now with a feature that uses images from the Photo Library. This was all solid for me, and I had worked with it for a nearly a month before putting it before my alpha testers. read more

Parade raining: When to do it?

I was listening to this podcast in which the hosts, Hannah and Edward, discuss how to approach people’s enthusiasm about the long-awaited killing of Osama bin Laden. read more

The continuous hacking of the human spirit

There was a time when the forests of the Niu Mountain were beautiful. But can the mountain any longer be regarded as beautiful, since being situated near a big city, the woodsmen have hewed the trees down? The days and nights gave it rest, and the rains and the dew continued to nourish it, and a new life was continually springing up from the soil, but then the cattle and the sheep began to pasture upon it. That is why the Niu Mountain looks so bald, and when people see its baldness, they imagine that there was never any timber on the mountain. Is this the true nature of the mountain? And is there not a heart of love and righteousness in in man, too? But how can that nature remain beautiful when it is hacked down every day as the woodsman chops down the trees with his ax? To be sure, the nights and days do the healing and there is nourishing air of the early dawn, which tends to keep him sound and normal, but this morning air is thin and is soon destroyed by what he does in the day. With this continuous hacking of the human spirit, the rest and recuperation obtained during the next are not sufficient to maintain its level, then the man degrades himself to a state not far from the beast’s. People see that he acts like beast and imagine that there was never any true character in him. But is this the true nature of man?” read more

Cakes, art.

Oh, man, what about a hamburger wedding cake? read more

The Golden Settings App UILabel-UITextField layout

Something I just noticed:


It’s not actually that dant-dant-dah – designers are said to love Phi. I just didn’t know how modern that affinity was. It could be a coincidence since the layout does not lock to Phi exactly (of course, no whole number-based layout can). I lean toward this being intentional. read more

We just wanted to watch the Daily Show.

When we moved, we decided not to get cable because there were only a few new shows we watched, and we could get them online. So, we got a previous-generation-at-the-time Mac Mini to hook up to the TV (and to serve as the house server in general and watched our shows on Hulu Desktop. It was a comfortable system. (My old PC was slated to do the job originally, but it did not survive the cross-country move.) read more

TaskPaper to html conversion script/A less painful resume updating process

I couldn’t find a TaskPaper-to-html script out there, even though I thought this would have been done a million times by now. (Could be that I’m just getting worse at Googling. Let me know if I’m wrong!) So, I wrote a Perl script to do it: read more