Mexican nightmares

Recently, Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed SB-1070 into law. It requires “law enforcement officers to demand immigration papers from anyone they have a ‘reasonable suspicion’ may be in the country illegally.” Basically, it’s a “if you don’t look white, we can knock you down a few pegs” law.
In response, Robert Rodriguez has made the trailer for his Mexsploitation film Machete into a very special message for Arizona.
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Campaign advice

If John McCain really wants to avoid getting outflanked by his challenger on the right, JD Hayworth, advocating that US Citizens be denied their Miranda rights isn’t going to cut it. That’s like shooting the spot a target was at a second ago instead of shooting where it will be by the time your bullet travels far enough. read more


I went to the store yesterday to try out the iPad, and I (more or less) impulse bought it on the spot. Technically, the iPad held no surprises. Experience-wise, it did. read more