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Mexican nightmares

Recently, Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed SB-1070 into law. It requires “law enforcement officers to demand immigration papers from anyone they have a ‘reasonable suspicion’ may be in the country illegally.” Basically, it’s a “if you don’t look white, we can knock you down a few pegs” law.
In response, Robert Rodriguez has made the trailer for his Mexsploitation film Machete into a very special message for Arizona.

(Make sure you watch that trailer. It is FREAKIN’ AWESOME.)

Rodriguez is blatantly (and excellently) provoking the racists that support SB-1070. However, this isn’t the first time this has been done.

A decade and half earlier, the Satanic, human-sacrificing, border crossing, drug dealing, headbangers Brujerìa responded to California governor Pete Wilson’s passage of Proposition 187 with a song titled Raza Odiada. En Español, of course!

Back then, I was looking for the heaviest music possible. With that territory comes a lot of lyrics that really try to make you say “holy shit.” Very little of it did.

Death metal bands espousing the downfall of Christianity was like ranch dressing at a buffet. I tuned it out and listened to just the music. (Which was not necessarily a bad thing.) Black metal bands’ flirtation with Nazism from the safety of their moms’ basements in Norway was just pathetic.

Brujerìa cut through all of that and made me go “Whoa!” (Like a machete!) Fake or not, Satanic Mexican drug dealers were a scary idea to which people weren’t yet numb. It got my attention.

They were novel and impressively crazy which could have been enough, but I liked that they stopped for a bit with Raza Odiada to make a good point in addition to their usual terrorizing. “Quien te va chingar mas no es Satanas,” de hecho.